The World’s #1 Food Against Heart Attack, Hypertension, Stroke AND High Cholesterol!

Sometimes the most unlikely food have the most wonderful properties.

Most of us know which foods are better for our health and which ones we should avoid eating too often.

But there are certain foods that have wonderful hidden benefits that go unnoticed.

Dates have a huge range of health benefits that many people don’t know about. They are great for helping with health problems, such as strokes, heart attacks, cholesterol and hypertension.

Dates are so dense in nutrients that eating just a small amount on a regular basis can greatly help you health-wise.

The American Cancer Society recommends an intake of 20-35 grams of dietary fiber per day, which can be supplied through dates. It is also said that taking one date per a day will help you to maintain your eye health all your life. They are commonly known to be quite effective in guarding against the problem of night blindness.

Here are 8 reasons why dates are great for you

  1. They are very high in iron, which is a very common deficiency in a range of different people, although children and pregnant women are mostly effected. Eating dates will keep your iron levels up so you don’t have to worry about taking supplements.
  2. They can help prevent diarrhea for those who suffer from the condition. They work in soothing the intestines and stimulating healthy gut bacteria.
  3. Date are great for helping prevent constipation, as their mild laxative effect works better than some shop bought remedies.
  4. Dates are great if you are looking to lose weight. They are low in calories, but have a high level of fiber and other nutrients which help the body feel full, staving off hunger cravings.
  5. Dates help regulate your cholesterol, which helps if you have suffered from cholesterol problems that need monitoring through diet.
  6. Dates are good for the heart, with their low cholesterol count, high fiber content and their B vitamins.
  7. They can help if you suffer from hypertension as they low in sodium but rich in potassium. 5 or 6 dates contain a good amount of magnesium which will help your blood vessels.
  8. They can also help prevent strokes due to their high potassium content.




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