Wikkileaks Claims Assange’s Internet Connection Blocked By state.

Wikkileaks Claims Assange’s Internet Connection Blocked By state.

Global transparency organisation Wikileaks, which is responsible for leaking thousands of email archives from US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta, claimed that a ‘state party’ is denying internet access to its founder Julian Assange.

(USUNCUT reports) : Julian Assange Goes Missing After Releasing Cryptic ‘Deadman’s Switch’ Tweets :

Early Monday morning the Wikileaks Twitter page claimed that Julian Assange’s internet connection had been severed. They, of course, assumed that this was the work of a state agency, though no information has been released by either party to confirm this either way. Wikileaks seems to have no contact with their leader and rumors have been beginning to spread that he is either dead or in custody.

Shortly afterwords, Gizmodo ran a story saying that the 64-digit alpha numeric codes seemed to be some sort of dead man’s switch, though they later updated it to clarify that there’s no evidence that Julian Assange is actually dead. The name simply implies that the release of these tweets is triggered by inaction rather than specific action on Assange’s part.

This means that – perhaps once daily – Assange would have to input some sort of code that keeps these tweets from going out. This way if he is in fact killed or detained or otherwise unable to reset the switch some form of information will be released at a set time. For whatever reason, it appears that Assange failed to prevent the trigger from firing. To be clear any sort of disturbance in his ability to access the internet would trigger this switch.

Given that his internet connection was also severed right around the same time – though it’s still unclear by whom – it’s most likely the result of his being detained by some government agency. The US government has been accusing Assange of working with the Russian government for several weeks in an attempt to influence the upcoming election.

Source ; USUNCUT

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