US And Russian Jets In Mid-Air Dogfight Above Area 51

[neonnettle] US And Russian Jets In Mid-Air Dogfight Above Area 51:

Shocking images have exposed a top secret dogfight between US and Russian jets in the sky above the Area 51 military grounds in Nevada.

The images, captured by photographer Phil Drake, have been confirmed by an air traffic controller as showing an American F-16 jet dogfighting with a Russian Su-27P Flanker-B fighter jet in the highly restricted airspace above Area 51.


In what appears to be drill involving United States servicemen, America seems to be preparing for World War 3 with Russia as they practice a face-off with the Russian jet.

The Express reports: The single seater Russian jet is an aircraft never officially imported into the United States, according to Phil Drake, who photographed the clash.

Mr. Drake said: “This aircraft was anonymous and unidentifiable, apart from the Soviet-style camouflage it wore.

“After they finished their mission they flew into Groom Lake’s highly restricted airspace, officially designated R4808N – aka Area 51.”

Mr. Drake was positioned some distance from the planes – but believes his camera’s zoom captured the planes clearly enough to assess the situation.

He said: “Things went quiet around 1300. Very quiet. Nothing moved for two hours and I was thinking of moving to another vantage point, such as Queen City Summit, or maybe the Powerlines Overlook.

“Then the sound of jet noise caught my attention and that’s when I got my first sight of a Groom Lake Su-27 Flanker. Flying NE at around 30,000 feet leaving an intermittent contrail.

“The time was 1500 and the sun was moving to the west as the Flanker and an F-16 gave me a private 25-minute air display. “The pair seemed to perform a series of head-on intercepts at descending altitudes from 30,000 feet to around 20,000 feet, only a mile or two to the east of me.

“This meant they were beautifully illuminated by the afternoon sun. After the head-on intercept, the pair would break into a turning dogfight, with the Flanker using its tremendous maneuverability to try and get behind the F-16.

“I took a long series of photographs but as the aircraft were fairly high my autofocus couldn’t cope. I had to shoot in manual mode, constantly moving the focusing ring to attempt to get some reasonable images.”

He said the American military had been carrying out mock air battles for years – but until now nobody had captured them on film. has contacted the United States Department for Defense and Nellis Air Force Base for comment.


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