Thousands of Citizens Rise up Against Mandatory Vaccines in Italy

Italian citizens have risen up and spoke out against mandatory vaccines.

Outrage over new mandatory vaccine laws in Italy has been largely ignored by the Western media, U.S news outlets have all but censored the uprising over fears that American citizens will follow suit.

Italy is just one in a long line of countries that are slowly bringing in more and more mandatory vaccine laws.

These kinds of laws totally forego the individuality of a person and can be extremely dangerous for parents who disagree with certain vaccines – defying the law has ended up with parents having their children removed from them and put into care.

Italian president Sergio Mattarella signed the new law that was put forward by the Health Minister tripling the number of legally required vaccines in the country from 4 to 12.

Before the law was passed it was declared of little importance by the countries health officials, but it shot through the legal system, proving just how important it is to appease the lobbyists and supporters of such laws, more often than not it is pressure from Big Pharma.

Vaccine Impact reported on the law, noting: 

“The new law apparently has severe consequences for parents who fail to comply, including the possibility of having their children taken away from them”.

Historically, whenever a country decides to go against the will of the people, especially when it concerns something as important as their health, there have been uprisings.

Italian citizen Elisabetta Bressan has warned on her Facebook about the civil unrest concerning vaccines and the dangers of riotous protests.


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