Tesla’s $3,500 Powerwall Will Let Households Run Entirely On Solar Energy!

The wait is over! Tesla announced a home battery and utility-scale battery that will power future homes.

This could be the end of expensive monthly energy bills.

Renewable power giant Tesla have announced their ‘Powerwall‘, a product which would allow a whole house to run off solar energy.

The Powerwall is a home battery pack which sits within the house, powered entirely from solar panels fitted to the roof of the house which can be used constantly, or when electricity levels in the house are running low.


Powerwall comes in 10 kWh weekly cycle and 7 kWh daily cycle models. Both are guaranteed for ten years and are sufficient to power most homes during peak evening hours. Multiple batteries may be installed together for homes with greater energy need, up to 90 kWh total for the 10 kWh battery and 63 kWh total for the 7 kWh battery.

Multiple batteries may be installed together.

In times where solar power is scare such as winter, there is a system which will subsidize the green energy with small amounts of energy from the grid, but the idea behind this product and others like it is to switch the way homes are powered, to have the vast majority coming from renewable sources backed up with conventional electricity, not the other way round.

Tesla announced last September its plans to build a new Gigafactory in Reno, Nevada, 62 million has been spent so far.

When all is said and done an estimated $5 billion will be spent on this project.

Tesla plans to begin building lithium-ion batteries at this facility in 2017.  The lithium-ion battery technology is being positioned to be the front runner in emerging energy storage that also provides supplementary electricity.

Could this technology ultimately threaten our traditional electric grid?

These new batteries when combined with the rapidly expanding residential solar market present exciting new opportunity’s for off the grid living.

They are also involved in the Solar City project, which installs solar panels for home owners hoping to reduce their energy bills and up their green credentials, so far they have 160,000 customers and have recently begun installing Tesla batteries in homes across the country.



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