Sheriff Who Was Harassing Native Pipeline Protesters Accidentally Shoots Self

(CCN) Sheriff Who Was Harassing Native Pipeline Protesters Accidentally Shoots Self

A Lake County, Indiana sheriff’s officer on special assignment with Homeland Security in North Dakotaaccidentally shot himself in the foot Oct. 25 while checking his department-issued rifle, according to Sarah Reese at NWI Times.

The officer received medical treatment and is recovering, said sheriff’s spokesman Mark Back.

He is among 37 officers from Indiana who responded to a cry for assistance in Morton County under an Emergency Management Assistance Compact contract, which was initially intended to be used more for natural disasters than to fight protesters, so many consider this a misuse of the EMAC. Wisconsin and Minnesota deputies have already been removed from the North Dakota protest sites.

A months-long dispute over the four-state, $3.8 billion pipeline reached a crisis point when some 200 protectors set up camp on land they say is treaty land-from an 1851 treaty, but others say it is owned by pipeline developer Energy Transfer Partners. The disputed area is just to the north of a more permanent and larger encampment that has seen many thousands of supporters go through.

Northwest Indiana officers from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security District 1 Task Force were deployed Saturday and will remain there for about two weeks under the contract, said Munster Police Chief Steve Scheckel, also the state’s Homeland Security liaison.

North Dakota’s law enforcement is wasting a ridiculous amount of taxpayer money in their efforts to help increase the profits of ETP.

North Dakota will be responsible for reimbursing out-of-state police agencies for various costs, said John Erickson, spokesman for the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

Such costs include wages, overtime, officer benefits, meals while officers are on duty, a per diem while officers are off duty, lodging and mileage for the communities that sent vehicles.

It is not only a waste of taxpayer money, but also an abuse of the EMAC to bring all these officers from other states to help oppress the protectors.

At least so far they have only used “less lethal” ammunition on the protectors. Hopefully more states will follow the examples of Wisconsin and Minnesota and they will recall their troops from this situation of militarization and police brutality against unarmed, peaceful people.

Source : Counter Current News ; (Article by Jeremiah Jones)

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