Putin : Human Evolution Under Threat By Big Pharma, GMO, Vaccines

(Organic & Healthy) Putin : Human Evolution Under Threat By Big Pharma, GMO, Vaccines :

The Russian Security Council (SCRF) has prepared a report that is currently circulating in the Kremlin stating that President, Vladimir Putin, has issued orders that his people must be protected from GMO “food” and Western pharmaceuticals “at all costs.”

The report goes onto suggest that President Putin believes the next stage of human evolution is currently in “grave danger” and that Western and global powers are “intentionally decelerating the process for their personal gain.”
“We as a species have the choice to continue to develop our bodies and brains in a healthy upward trajectory, or we can follow the Western example of recent decades and intentionally poison our population with genetically altered food, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, and fast food that should be classified as a dangerous, addictive drug.”
“We must fight this.  A physically and intellectually disabled population is not in our interests,” the report states.
Describing the average government-controlled Westerner as an “intensively vaccinated borderline autistic fat man slumped in front of a screen battling a high-fructose corn syrup comedown,” the report states that such tactics used by governments to subjugate their citizens are not only “dark/evil” but “counter-productive in the medium to long term.”
Russia under President Putin has been giving away land for free in the past few years to people willing to farm organically and sustainably.  The goal is to become the world’s “leading exporter” of non-GMO foods that are based on “ecologically clean” production.
The report has been issued just months after the Kremlin announced it would put a stop to the production of all GMO-containing foods. The international community saw this as a major step in the fight against multinational companies such as Monsanto.
Russia is currently dominating in the world of natural, organic farming.
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