Pedophile Priest Claims Child Abuse was Just an ‘Old Jewish Ritual’

A pedophile priest made the shocking claim that his child abuse was simply an ‘old Jewish ritual’.

Mauro Inzoli, the Catholic priest who was caught after being found guilty of the sexual abuse of minors brushed off his crimes as a ‘Jewish ritual from the Old Testament’.

After being disgraced, rather than turning their back on him, the Catholic church offered Inzoli an early retirement, as he was instructed to live out his days seeking a life of ‘prayer and humble discretion’ by Pope Francis.

During the trial gruesome details of the abuse was heard, that the pedophile told his victims the act was a “baptism of the testicles” and that it was a “sign of affection between father and son”.

Inzoli was tried at the Vatican court and was found guilty of the crimes regarding eight counts of sexual abuse of children aged 12 to 16 years old between 2004 and 2008.

As the Catholic church’s pedophile ring continues to be exposed, Pope Francis says he has taken a ‘zero tolerance’ stance on priests who are discovered to be child abusers.

The trial was met with errors from the start, as lawyers representing the victims called out the Vatican in 2015 for refusing to hand over important documents associated with the case.

One victim told the Cremona court Inzoli had “referred to a sort of ‘baptism of the testicles’ which he said was a Jewish ritual found in the Old Testament as a sign of affection between father and son,”.

He was instructed to pay 125,000 euros ($142,000) to the victims, but the ruling Judge Letizia Plate said that the psychological effects that the children suffered was increased by the unwillingness of some family members to believe the victims, taking the priests side instead.


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