Paedophile Music Teacher Beaten to Death With his Own Trumpet by Angry Parents

The musician had allegedly been set upon by angry parents of children who attend a pre-school where he had been convicted of abusing kids.

The trumpeter had been sentenced in 2010 to 30 years in prison for molesting five children – but he was released two years ago after winning an appeal on several of the convictions, plus a sentence reduction.

Marcelo Fabian Pecollo, 42,  was a music teacher and trumpeter with the Moron city orchestra.

The group of parents barged into the cathedral yelling: ‘There is a pedophile and a rapist in the church and he is playing in this orchestra.’
Pecollo tried to get away but the group caught up with him and beat him, including one parent who hit the man with his own trumpet, according to witnesses.

‘When I arrived, those people were leaving,’ priest Jorge Oesterheld told local media.

‘He was in a very, very bad way, until the police and ambulance arrived. He was in a coma and died on Friday.’

The priest criticized the attackers.

‘They say they took justice into their own hands, but it was revenge, it was murder.’

Jorge Oesterheld, a priest, told how Pecollo had desperately tried to escape once the parents barged into the cathedral yelling: “There is a paedophile and a rapist in the church and he is playing in this orchestra.”

The parents chased after him, caught him and beat him so severely he was left in a coma from which he has now died.

The priest told Radio Del Plata: “There was a concert in the Cathedral, and we lent it to these people.

“Parents of the schoolboys accused one of the musicians of having been a child molester.

“He wanted to escape through the door behind the altar. He ran down a corridor and there they struck him very badly.”

The priest added that it had been impossible to identify the specific attackers.

He continued: “When I arrived they were inside the church – but there was no way to find them because there were so many people.

“I stayed with the guy – who was very, very bad – until the police and the ambulance arrived.

“The guy fell into a coma and died last Friday, I think.

“It’s really a very serious matter – they say it’s justice by their own hands but it’s just revenge, it’s a murder.”

The teacher was first arrested in October 2007 when the mother of a four-year-old boy reported him for sexually abusing her son.

Then other victims came forward; the prosecution filed seven complaints, but only five were considered for sentencing.

The reported cases all occurred at a school.

Then in June 2014 a court acquitted Pecollo over four of the convictions – and reduced his sentence to eight years and six months in prison for the fifth.

As he had already served time he was immediately released.




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