Iowa Woman Gets Arrested On Her OWN Property After DAPL Pipeline Steals Her Farm

(Freek Out Nation) Iowa Woman Gets Arrested On Her OWN Property After DAPL Pipeline Steals Her Farm :

Protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline have been ongoing for months. But usually, when you hear of people being arrested for protesting DAPL, they aren’t standing on their own property.

Cyndy Coppola was arrested over the weekend while standing on the farm she and her family have owned for years in Calhoun County Iowa.

According to Coppola, DAPL got access to her farm, against the wishes of her and her family, through the use of condemnation court and eminent domain which granted them easements to the property. On Saturday, she and her friend Ed Fallon tried to stop DAPL trucks from hauling pipeline materials across her property and were subsequently put under arrest.

Coppola said that watching someone else take over control of the farm she worked so hard for is infuriating.

“It was very frustrating, and when I first saw that topsoil piled up when they started digging, my first reaction was to cry, because we’ve tried everything,” says Coppola.

Coppola and her family, along with nine other families in the area, have brought a lawsuit against the pipeline for using the easements to take control of their property. A move they say is a clear violation of Iowa state law.

DAPL has resulted in the largest gathering of native American tribes in recent history, joining together to fight the pipeline they say will poison the water and destroy sacred tribal sites. Obama halted construction on the pipeline within a limited area in response to the protests and lawsuits brought by the Standing Rock Sioux, but work continues elsewhere — as do the protests.

In addition to the arrests of protesters, journalists covering the story have also been arrested and charged with crimes for simply doing their jobs. Now it seems, they can even arrest landowners while they are standing on their own property.

Article orginally Published on (Freek Out Nation) : written By ; APRIL HAMLIN, Featured image via video screen capture

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