Heinz Ketchup isn’t Even a Ketchup Anymore, Government Health Body Rules

Many aren’t always in agreement with the Israeli government, however those in the movement for natural health will agree with their health ministry’s recent ruling.

Its common that food corporations manipulate the rules in terms of product labeling: naming almond beverages as “milk” when in reality they only contain under 2% of natural almonds for example, and labeling genetically engineered ingredients as “natural” to name others.

The health ministry in Israel has taken a step forward by tackling misleading advertising that is fed to the public. Heinz Ketchup is known across the globe, but should it be labeled as ketchup?

The new ruling relays a flat “no,” and assessing why it is so will have you agreeing with the ruling.

Heinz Ketchup Should Be Called “Tomato Seasoning

The Heinz Corporation has been clearly opposed to GMO labeling, as they donated half a million dollars against California’s GMO labeling bill in 2012. The corporation isn’t for wholesome and organic ingredients in the US, except everywhere else.

In the American supply, the products have GMO sugar beets (labeled as “sugar”), GMO corn syrup, and vinegar that is mostly made out of GMO corn. Despite these findings, many consumers still label Heinz Ketchup the #1 choice for ketchup every year.

This controversy has spread and now the company is under public scrutiny.

“The brand Heinz may be synonymous with ketchup for most of the world, but no longer in Israel,” quotes the newspaper Haaretz.

The article pointed out that the local manufacturer Osem argued that its competition’s product failed to meet ketchup standards that were implemented by Israel’s standards institute.

Test information from Osem found that Heinz ketchup is about 21% tomato concentrate in Israel, but has to be at 41% to meet qualification standards.

The Heinz Corporation reports that that level is at 61%. The distributor, Diplomat, for Heinz in Israel says the popular brand Osem has a huge stronghold over the market and was working to ensure its protection by proving Heinz Ketchup isn’t ketchup.

The company is lobbying to have standards lowered for the amount of tomato concentrates required in its products to be labeled as real ketchup (this is a clear indicator that something is up and an example of how big food corporations work around the rules requiring the use of healthy, organic ingredients).

Europe has a more stern approach in ketchup standards than America does when it comes to the amount of tomato solids in a product to be labeled as ketchup.

For now, the Israeli version of Heinz Ketchup will be labeled as a “tomato seasoning” instead. It’s hilarious seeing the Heinz corporation get bent over the way they went around the rules.

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