Former CIA Contractor: ‘ISIS is a Completely Fabricated Enemy and Funded By the United States

Former CIA contractor Steven Kelley believes ISIS is a “completely fabricated enemy.”

In a short radio interview with Press TV last year, the whistle blower pointed out that stopping the Islamic State’s funding would be the most efficient and logical way of defeating them. The former CIA contractor said that the agency is frustrated for being asked to train the terrorist group and at the same time to combat it.

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Kelley said during the telephone interview that “for people to think this enemy is something to be attacked is a farce” and added that the group is something the CIA “created and controls,” True Activist reported.

He explained that ISIS was “designed to create massive amounts of fear and cause a response here at home [the U.S.]” so that “more spending and bloodshed and warfare” is authorized.

Although he acknowledged the terror group is real and thousands of extremist Islamists have joined ISIS, he also believes the cold-blooded executions are staged and their purpose is to create panic so that the population begs the government to protect the country.

Kelley added that Ebola is “just another terror weapon patented by the U.S. government” and, although he did not want to name the person behind the disease that threatened the health of the entire world, he did offer a clue. “It’s a family name that has long been associated with ‘conspiracy theories’,” Kelley said.

According to the former CIA contractor, the agency “is being forced with their current task of continuing to arm and train the rebels and at the same being asked to combat the group ISIL, which is getting harder and harder for them to mask that it’s essentially the same group.” Kelley added that the CIA is “very openly still supporting the very same group that they are trying to combat.”

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