Florida Police Assault And Arrest 12 Year Old Disabled Boy For Running In His Own Yard

A Lehigh Acres, Florida, 12-year-old boy who suffers from a traumatic brain injury was assaulted and arrested by police for running in his own yard.

Sophia Gordon, the mother of the boy arrested, told Fox 4, “Lee County Sheriff’s Deputies were in her neighborhood for a service call when her son ran out of the house in his underwear.”

The arrest report says deputies were investigating broken statues in a neighbors yard when they saw Gordon’s 12-year-old son Noah. Naturally, they accused him even though there is no logical reason to do that.

“They accused my son because they saw him running,” said Gordon. “The first officer grabbed him on the shoulder. My son reluctantly grabbed the officers hand for him to let go.”

Because of Noah’s brain injury he does not like to be touched.

After a serious car accident, Noah suffered a traumatic brain injury and required several surgeries, and he still suffers from side effects.

“He does have a traumatic brain injury, so the tendency is more of autism. He doesn’t like being touched,” Gordon said.

Police claim Noah went back to his home and shouted threats at the deputy.

Gordon said the deputy then entered her home, without a warrant, and pointed his Taser at the child.

“I grabbed my son’s hand and brought him back inside, and the officer went ahead and came into our home with a Taser, pointing directly at my child and I.”

Gordon told the cop about her son’s condition, but he didn’t care and the deputy called backup and cuffed Noah, taking him into custody.

During the process, she said Noah sustained injuries to his eye and forehead, which can be very concerning when dealing with a child with TBI. Again, the police did not care.  They were just happy to catch the 12 year old boy who was playing in his own yard.

“There shouldn’t be any other injuries with a TBI. From what we’ve learned from all his doctors and neurosurgeons, we have to be cautious with everything he does,” said Gordon.

For trying to protect her disabled son, deputies also arrested Gordon for Obstruction without Violence.

Gordon said she was just trying to make sure he wasn’t hurt any further. “They need to know more about the child and the environment. They need to speak to the parent before hand and not just put handcuffs on a child,” she said.

When Noah got to the Sheriff’s Office for booking, medical staff said he had to be sent to the hospital for clearance because of his TBI.

He is now at home, serving a 21-day home detention. The Sheriff’s office declined to comment until after an investigation.

(Article By James Carter) Source : TruthFight

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