Elites Have the Collapse Planned, “Operation Shift Blame” Deployed (Video)

(Before It’s News)   Elites Have the Collapse Planned, “Operation Shift Blame” Deployed (Video) :

Brandon Smith, founder of Alt-Market.com, recently did an interesting interview with the X22 Report. In this interview, Brandon was able to elaborate further on some of his positions regarding Brexit and the Trump presidential win.

His analysis of both subjects are spot on.

The Elites’ Operation to shift blame is in full swing, all efforts focused in an attempt to take down president-elect Trump and his impending oath taking for the office.

The Elites have also been feverishly continuing their plotting for the demise of the global economy.

Even regular Alt-Market.com readers and X22 Report viewers will find something new in this intriguing interview exchange in the video below.

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