Elite Prepare for Planet Nibiru – Construction of Fallout Shelters Intensifies- NASA in Denial

Elite Prepare for Planet Nibiru- Construction of Fallout Shelters Intensifies- NASA in Denial :

Nibiru, also known as Planet X, has a wide orbit that passes somewhere between Neptune and Mars every hundred thousand years or so, causing a mass extinction here on Earth each time; meanwhile, the other posits that, rather than doing a disastrous planetary fly-by, Nibiru is set to collide directly with Earth. Because of course it is.

Another DOOMSDAY Prediction: Solar Storm To Hit Earth By 2020 And Planet Nibiru To Hit Earth By Next Year

U.S. Britain, Russia and other governments are preparing complexes to ensure the survival of the elite from an impending cataclysm. What do they know that the public is unaware of?

Is Earth inching near to its end? Scientists have continuously studied the galaxy, working out theories and understanding concepts lingering in the mysteries of space. Multiple results have shown that Earth will undergo such phenomena that will doom humans.

A recent report from Express detailed about a huge Solar Storm to hit Earth by 2020, the said phenomena happened 150 years ago called as the Carrington Event. The Solar Storm will most likely clear off all modern technology essential to mankind. Researchers have discussed that the Solar Storm will hit Earth by 12 percent chance.

According to the same source, this prediction came from Pete Riley, a senior scientist at Predictive Science in San Diego, California. A Solar Storm is caused by the violent explosion of magnetic energy on the sun. Furthermore, it can cause Earth’s magnetic field to increase, thus a possibility of electrical transformers to explode.

Another prediction is Planet Nibiru or Planet X to Hit Earth by next year. The prediction heightens as Robert Vicino, head of survival firm Vivos confirms base development under the Rocky Mountains in the US. Also, he explained that Russia has already started out its preparation towards the said apocalypse.

Vicino also made a statement towards government not concerned about their citizens and completely taking care of things secretly. In an interview reported by Express, Vicino stated that “No government in the world is going to tell you about something life threatening unless they have a solution for you because otherwise, it’s going to cause a social meltdown.”

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