Court Affirms Citizens Have the Right to Defend Themselves Against Police Brutality

It has been ordered by a court that citizens are allowed to defend themselves against police brutality.

Police brutality is a huge problem in the US and it has seemed in many recent cases that the authorities get away with even the most savage of attacks due to courts favoring them.

But a case in Newark, NJ has seen the court rule that people have right to defend themselves against brutality from the police, stating that they are allowed to fight back.

Darnell Reed was savagely beaten in an attack in 2013 when two police officers attacked him in a bloody battle.

The defendant faces eight charges, and was eventually tried for ‘resisting arrest’ after the police said they saw him holding a block of heroin, and refused to comply when approached.

The decision was questioned, and the court ruled that:

“It is likely that the jury found aspects of the testimony of the State’s witnesses to be less than credible. Given these circumstances, the evidence of guilt can hardly be characterized as overwhelming.”

In 2015 the full extent of the beating was reported, with the news that 10 of Reed’s dreadlocks “were forcibly ripped from his scalp.”

Since then, the courts have ruled that:

“If in effectuating the arrest or the temporary detention the officers employs excessive and unnecessary force, the citizen may respond or counter with the use of reasonable force to protect himself, and if in doing so the officer is injured no criminal offense has been committed.”

This ruling that allows citizens to defend themselves is a hopefully a move in the right direction towards a return to a more balanced power between the authorities and the civilians.



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