Breaking : 83 Native Americans Are Pepper Sprayed and Brutally Arrested in North Dakota For Their Peaceful Prayer to End Illegal DAPL

(Counter Current News) Breaking : 83 Native Americans Are Pepper Sprayed and Brutally Arrested in North Dakota For Their Peaceful Prayer to End Illegal DAPL :

The Morton County Sheriff department and police carried out a brutal attack on Native Americans as they gathered for prayer today.

Native Americans and supporters defending the water of the Missouri River from the Dakota Access Pipeline were beaten with batons by police, pepper sprayed and thrown to the ground, according to Brenda Norrell of Censored News.

More than 80 water protectors were arrested today during another unprovoked attack by police on peaceful water protectors.


Tipiwizin, a young mother at Standing Rock, called out for help, urging all those who came and camped at Standing Rock to return.

“The police, the military, armored vehicles, assault rifles, they are chasing our people, surrounded our people, chasing them into the river.”

Watching the live stream today, she said, “I started crying, holding my baby daughter, because we come from people who were chased down, hunted down and gunned down by the military and the police. History is repeating itself. All those stories we were raised with, that we carry in our hearts, of our people, fleeing, running, racing, for our lives, just to live. We are the grandchildren and great grandchildren of those who survived the US Government federally mandated massacres on our people.”

Watch videos of Saturday’s brutal attack during prayers by police at Censored News.

With an unprecedented amount of lies in the media, the Morton County Sheriff has falsely accused the water protectors of being violent and being armed. The local media, revealing a long history of racism, have repeated these lies in the media. Video documentation proves the water protectors have been non violent and prayerful.

In a steady stream of misinformation, the mainstream media reported that President Obama had halted the pipeline construction. Again, this is misinformation. DAPL, owned by Kelcy Warren, who has become the face of genocide for Native Americans, is racing to complete the construction.

The DAPL construction is near a burial place where water protectors were attacked with vicious dogs and pepper sprayed on Sept. 3, after the pipeline workers desecrated the burial grounds.

The Morton County Sheriff’s department is engaging in strip searches and false imprisonment of Native American men and women, who are jailed without credible charges.

The owner of the land where the Camp of the Sacred Stones Camp is located, said her daughter was arrested without cause, while traveling in a car away from the area, strip searched and jailed naked.

Dakotas, Lakotas and Nakotas here say this abuse is recreating the historical trauma, a result of their ancestors who were murdered and subjected to sexual violence by the Calvary and U.S. military.

We cannot let this illegal activity continue! We have to stand against the illegal actions of the corrupt militarized cops that are working for the pipeline company instead of the citizens!

Source : (Counter Current News)(Article by Jeremiah Jones)

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